What is primary care and why it is important

Primary care means having a relationship with a doctor and an entire health care team who see you regularly to help you stay healthy. This includes regular checkups, blood pressure checks, routine vaccinations, mammograms and other cancer screenings. With primary care, you no longer have to rely on the emergency room for routine health care services.

Your Primary Care Provider

A primary care provider is a health care professional who coordinates your care on an ongoing basis and connects you with other services you need. This provider can be a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant.

Choosing a primary care provider

For the best preventive care, NYC Care encourages you to choose a primary care provider you can trust. This will make sharing your medical and lifestyle information easier. You will work together to begin, or continue, a health routine that includes diet, weight control and exercise.

The NYC Care Contact Center at 1-646-NYC-CARE (1-646-692-2273) can help you choose a primary care provider when you enroll.